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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitments

ICA Homes is committed to a high standard of corporate social responsibility. While delivering quality projects and lifestyle experiences, we strive to leave positive and enduring impacts on our communities by acting responsibly and with integrity, conducting our business as a good corporate citizen. We integrate sustainable practices across our business and actively engage in programmes that enhance the communities in which we operate.

Community Involvement

We take responsibility in giving back to the community. Together with our employees, we contribute towards the well-being of our communities through a variety of initiatives. From volunteering, sponsorship to fund-raising, we are committed to making a positive contribution to our communities.

Environmental Responsibility

ICA Homes has a long standing commitment to environmental sustainability and we are dedicated to minimizing the environmental impacts of our business.

Sustainable development

Recognizing the importance of sustainable development, we make substantial efforts in making our properties more environmentally friendly through incorporating environmental considerations into the planning, design, construction and management.

Most of our projects feature a sustainable design concept that reduces the environmental impacts by making most out of open spaces and providing ample greenery. In commercial building, we employ modern curtain walls and engineering systems to reduce energy consumption and optimize the amount of sunlight inside interior spaces to create a comfortable working environment.

Environmental awareness

To promote environmental awareness among our employees, we regularly partner with different environmental organizations and participate in their campaigns.


Green initiatives

We implement a range of environmental protection practices at the workplace to reduce energy consumption and waste, and to promote a greener working environment.

Workplace Quality

We see our employees as the greatest asset and attach significant importance to their well-being. Apart from competitive remuneration and benefits, we are dedicated to providing employees with excellent working conditions.

To ensure timely and effective communication with our employees, we send out quarterly company newsletters to keep them updated about our business and the latest company activities. In addition, we organize a wide variety of recreational activities to promote work-life balance such as company retreats and TGIF staff karaoke bonding.

In recognition of the contribution of our employees, we host an annual dinner and give out outstanding employee awards as a gesture of our appreciation. Employees are also encouraged and supported to take part in continuous professional development training to develop and refresh their knowledge and skills. Other fringe benefits include comprehensive medical, wellness programs, birthday gifts as well as employee discounts.